ConocoPhillips, Rompetrol Rafinare S.A. and Rominserv S.A. Announce License and Technical Services Agreement for Delayed Coking

abarrelfullabarrelfull wrote on 11 May 2012 12:43

July 9, 2010

ConocoPhillips [NYSE:COP], Rompetrol Rafinare S.A. and Rominserv S.A. today announced a license and technical services agreement for the revamp of the existing delayed coker unit at Rompetrol’s Petromidia Refinery in Romania. The revamp will utilize ConocoPhillips’ ThruPlus® Delayed Coking Technology to further improve the reliability, the environmental performance and the operability of the existing 22,000 barrels-per-day unit.

"ConocoPhillips has incorporated many years of operating experience into our ThruPlus® Delayed Coker Technology. This revamp will upgrade the Petromidia coker to enable world-class reliability and environmental performance," said Loretta Koster, Manager, ConocoPhillips Global Specialty Petroleum Coke and Licensing.

ConocoPhillips holds the unique position of being the largest delayed coking technology licensor that also owns and operates delayed cokers. The company owns, operates or has joint-venture interest in 18 delayed cokers worldwide feeding more than 600,000 barrels per day (BPD) combined. ThruPlus® delayed coking technology is externally licensed in 42 installations with a combined capacity in excess of 1.7 million BPD out of a worldwide coking capacity of approximately 4.5 million BPD. Since 2007, ConocoPhillips has started-up one major grassroots coker, has initiated two company grassroots cokers projects, and has granted eight external ThruPlus® Delayed Coker Technology licenses. For more information, please visit

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