Dietsmann Libya wins $120M Global Maintenance Contracts

abarrelfullabarrelfull wrote on 06 Mar 2014 15:07

28 February 2013

Mellitah Oil & Gas has awarded Dietsmann a two-year Maintenance Management Assistance Contract Libya for the Sabratha Platform. Mobilization of the contract will start in March 2013.

The Sabratha Platform in Bahr Essalam offshore field is fixed to the sea bed in a water depth of 190 meters 110 km from the Libyan coast. The platform, considered to be the largest Libyan Offshore Oil and Gas facility, contains all the facilities required for the preliminary separation and treatment of the gas extracted from the Bahr Essalam field.

This new contract will provide employment for about 80 people. In line with Dietsmann’s policy of maximizing local content, Libyan technicians are trained for positions in Dietsmann Libya’s maintenance organization.

Dietsmann Libya has also been awarded a Maintenance Management Assistance Contract (MMAC) for the Wafa Desert Oil & Gas plant and pipeline and a Project Management Services Contract for activities related to a new Compression Station at the Wafa Desert Plant.

Mellitah Oil & Gas selected Dietsmann Libya on the basis of the expertise and outstanding reputation for efficient oil, gas and power production facility operation and maintenance Dietsmann has gained during the past 35 years. Dietsmann has been working in Libya since 2006.

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