Imperial Oil's Dartmouth refinery now producing low-sulphur gasoline following $80 million refit

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Sept. 4th 2003

Imperial Oil today officially opened its low-sulphur gasoline production unit at its Dartmouth refinery, reducing its sulphur in gasoline content by over 90 per cent.

The construction of the new refinery production unit took 14 months to complete and created work for over 300 local contractors. Imperial Oil
invested $80 million in the project, much of it allocated to local suppliers for materials and general services.

"We are very pleased to now be producing and selling virtually sulphur-free gasoline in Atlantic Canada ," said Brian Fischer, Senior Vice-President, Products & Chemicals at Imperial Oil. "Our timing coincides with the introduction of 2004 model vehicles which will benefit from low-sulphur fuel. The combination of the new models' advanced emission-control systems and low sulphur gasoline will result in lower vehicle emissions and cleaner air."

The innovative technology used to reduce sulphur at the refinery is called SCANfining - a process that not only removes sulphur, but preserves
molecules needed to maintain octane levels for smooth engine performance. Construction of the low-sulphur production equipment has been the most
significant project at Dartmouth refinery in more than a decade.

"We are very proud of the employees and contractors who made this project such a success," said Brian Fairley, Dartmouth Refinery Manager. "The project was completed with a flawless safety record, ahead of schedule, and on budget."

"This investment represents not only a contribution to the economy of this province," said Premier John Hamm. "But more importantly, an investment
in our environment and the air we all breathe."

The completion of the Dartmouth refinery refit is part of an overall $575 million investment being made by Imperial Oil to produce low-sulphur
gasoline across Canada. All of Imperial's operations will be producing fuel averaging less than 30 part per million sulphur by November of this year, more
than a year ahead of the deadline set by Environment Canada. The sulphur content of Imperial Oil gasolines will be among the lowest in the world.

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