Mott MacDonald to design facilities for new oil field in Sudan

abarrelfullabarrelfull wrote on 06 Mar 2014 12:40

10 August 2007

Mott MacDonald, with contractors Higleig Petroleum Services, has been commissioned by Petrodar Operating Company to design $100 million field processing facilities for a new oil field at Moleeta, part of the Melut Basin Oil development project in Sudan. It is envisaged that this will increase the country’s oil production by 50,000 barrels of oil per day.

Mott MacDonald’s oil and gas team will be designing the systems and facilities needed to channel the crude oil from the different well heads in the oil field to the corresponding Oil Gathering Manifolds (OGMS) and to combine the fluids into a common trunk line for transportation to the Moleeta field production facilities through buried pipelines. At the Moleeta production facilities the crude oil will undergo bulk “dewatering” and be further treated ready for transportation from the oil fields.

Charles Ellinas, Mott MacDonald’s oil and gas director said, “This is a very exciting project for us and we are delighted that Petrodar Operating Company has selected Mott MacDonald for the job based on projects we have successfully completed in Muscat and indeed for other clients in the oil and gas market around the world.”

Vinod Shah, Mott MacDonald’s project director added, “The scope of project is highly significant, Moleeta is getting heaviest crude (3300 centiPoise*) in Sudan from different wellheads which will at the new facilities to achieve a 10% reduction in water before being transported to the central processing facility at Palogue. We are looking at introducing a pilot water injection system with a flow of 80m3 per hour to enhance productivity of the treatment processing of this heavy crude and deliver best value for the client.”

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