National Energy Board receives application for Groundbirch Pipeline Project

abarrelfullabarrelfull wrote on 03 Feb 2013 09:22

13 May 2009

The National Energy Board (NEB) received an application on 30 April 2009 from NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) for a certificate to construct and operate the Groundbirch Pipeline, which would connect the TransCanada Alberta System to a source of sweet natural gas supply from northeast British Columbia.

If approved, the Groundbirch Pipeline would consist of approximately 77 km of 914-mm outside diameter (or 36 in.) pipe and related facilities. The pipeline is proposed to extend from a new interconnection on the Gordondale Lateral to a new meter station in the Groundbirch area in northeast B.C. (approximately 37 km west-northwest of Dawson Creek). The pipeline would have the capability of transporting approximately 46.9 106m3 (1.66 billion cubic feet) of natural gas per day.

In total, about 7.5 km of the proposed extension would be built alongside existing pipeline, railway, and public highway rights-of-way (ROW). The remainder, or about 69.5 km, is projected to be installed along new ROW.

The proposed Groundbirch Pipeline would be an extension of the TransCanada Alberta System, which is already regulated by the NEB. The System comprises approximately 23 700 km of pipeline and associated compression and other facilities located in Alberta.

The NEB will announce procedures for dealing with this application at a later date.

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