PDVSA Offshore to survey the Dragon Field

abarrelfullabarrelfull wrote on 11 Feb 2014 06:32


As part as the Oil Sowing Plan, PDVSA Exploración y Producción Costa Afuera (Offshore Exploration and Production) will start next weekend to assess the first gas well of the Mariscal Sucre Project, located in Dragon 4A Field, on the coasts of Sucre state.

Directing Managing Pavel Rodríguez reported that the survey will begin in early May and will involve three stages. He added that the well will produce approximately 70 million cubic feet of gas on a daily basis (MMPCD).

PDVSA Offshore has plans to drill and complete eight gas wells in Dragon 4A Field, which have an output similar to the first well to be surveyed. Upon completion of the first stage, the next fields will be reviewed, including Patao Field, which contains eight wells.

Rodríguez said that these additional 16 wells will increase the gas production capacity to 600 MMPCD, which will be sent to Güiria for processing at the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho Industrial Complex (CIGMA).

As stated by the directing manager, the aforementioned project will bring plenty of benefits to Sucre state and the Venezuelan people, as preliminary studies found that the original pressures ensure the gas output at least for 20 or 25 years.

He also stressed that at the beginning of the operations, dry gas will be produced. Later on, in Mejillones and Río Caribe fields, liquid associated gas will be produced. Thus, near 18,000-20,000 barrels of condensate are expected to be drilled and all the four fields will yield 200,000 MMPCD of gas.

Upon the implementation of this project, PDVSA will ensure gas supply to the Venezuelan domestic market, which means the people’s wellbeing and development.

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