Production commences at the Rodaballo field in Tarragona

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21 May 1996

The Rodaballo-1 oil field, near the Casablanca off-shore rig at Tarragona, went into production last week. This field is on the Angula concession, and was discovered in the summer of last year.

Repsol operates this concession through its affiliate Repsol Investigaciones Petrolíferas (RIPSA), owning a 69.42% stake. Other companies in the consortium are CNWL Oil España, S.A., (a subsidiary of Sherrit International Corporation) with 15.58%, and Ciepsa, with 15%. Recoverable reserves are estimated at 2.8 million barrels of top quality crude oil. The production span is expected to cover the next five years at an initial output of 4,000 barrels per day.

The field has been prepared for production in a record time of 10 months, and total investment for the project was 6 million dollars.

At a depth of 3,400 metres and beneath 109 metres of water, exploitation of Rodaballo-1 well is carried out via a flexible pipeline, 10.5 kilometres long and with a 4" internal diameter, connecting it to the Casablanca rig. Extracted oil is processed at the Casablanca rig and sent to land through the underwater pipeline (50 km. long and 12" in diameter), linking the rig to Repsol's Tarragona refinery.

Exploiting Rodaballo will lengthen Casablanca field's productive lifespan, having the double effect of prolonging its activity and increasing its production.

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