Shen Diancheng Comes to inspect the EPC Project Site of Hohhot Petrochemical Corporation

abarrelfullabarrelfull wrote on 21 Nov 2011 13:34

On June 26, Shen Diancheng, a member of party leadership group and deputy general manager of the group companies went to EPC Project Site in the East China Design Branch Office of Hohhot Petrochemical Corporation to get detailed information about the design, purchase and the progress of construction.

At the site where atmospheric pressure devices sit , Zhou Shun, deputy general manager of Hohhot Petrochemical Corporation, introduced the progress of the project to President Shen and pointed out that as the device is the first to be handed over half-completed in the middle of the project “10.30” that an annual output of 5 million tons of oil should be produced , the atmospheric pressure devices have completed 95% of the steel structure installation under the strong support of the leaders of CPECC East China Design Branch Office and the meticulous arrangement of Project Department of Hohhot Petrochemical Corporation. The installation of the devices is in full swing and it is also the first to put into perforating operation among all the main contractors, making the overall progress 10 days ahead of schedule made by the Hohhot Petrochemical Corporation.

At the reformer site, Zhou Shun emphasized in his report that under the adverse condition that the site was provided late, through reasonable planning and scientific arrangement, East China Design Branch Office organized construction units to push forward the progress day and night and completed the base concreting of civil engineering for the reactor and generator framework in advance and the installation of steel structure such as reactor and generator framework was also carried out smoothly, creating favorable conditions for the timely hoisting of reactor on June 28 The progress of the construction of the reformer was in accordance with the requirements of the overall layout nodes. Shen Diancheng gave full approval to the management of the Project Department of East China Design Branch Hohhot Petroleum and Chemical Company and thought highly of the construction quality of the compressor foundation in the reforming compressor area.

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