Total Starts Up Production From The Offshore L4-D Field

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3 December 2012

Total E&P Nederland announces the start-up of its offshore L4-D field which is part of the production licence L4a and is located some 100 kilometers northwest of Den Helder in the Dutch North Sea. Total E&P Nederland operates the project (55.6605%) in partnership with EBN (40%) and Lundin (4.3395%).

The L4-A7 well is expected to have a production potential of approximately 800,000 Nm³/d (5000-6000 boe/d).

The field was discovered back in 1983 by the exploration well L4-3. Being a marginal field, not able to sustain important development cost, it was lying dormant until the Dutch Government instated the marginal field policy in 2011, rendering the development economically attractive.

L4-D is developed with the L4-A7 Extended Reach Well drilled from the existing L4-A platform. L4-A7 was successfully drilled and completed in the period from March to August 2012. It is the second ‘deepest well’ for Total E&P Nederland with a total depth of 6,848 m/RKB, targetting the Lower Slochteren sandstone at approximately -3,640m/MSL depth and a horizontal distance of 4,882m from L4-A platform.

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