VME Awarded E-Houses for Petrobras/Chevron's Papa-Terra P-61 TLWP project Brazil

abarrelfullabarrelfull wrote on 16 Feb 2013 07:52

02/23/2011 »

VME Process has been awarded a contract from Siemens for the fabrication of three (3) 500-ton E-houses to be built at VME’s 300,000 ft2 waterfront yard in Batam, Indonesia. The E-houses will be used for Petrobras/Chevron's Papa-Terra P-61 TLWP project in Brazil.

“Siemens is a new client for VME and we're looking forward to a very successful partnership. This project is an excellent example of VME’s capability to supply complete topsides including E-houses”, said VME Chief Operating Officer and VP of Business Development, Mr. Kuoh Lee. Delivery of the completed E-houses is scheduled for December, 2011.

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