With national Ⅳ standard gasoline and diesel supply capacity to contribute to promises to improve air quality

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September 28, the company's new 1.2 million tons / year S-Zorb catalytic gasoline the adsorption desulfurization device car once success marks the company to honor the commitment to Shanghai.

S-Zorb unit is a key device company oil quality upgrade. Started production of the device, the company will have the ability to the country Ⅳ standard gasoline and diesel supply to the Shanghai market, while production to supply the Hong Kong market of Europe Ⅴ standard gasoline.

S-Zorb unit on December 22, 2008 to lay the first pile, built in cross-September 5, 2009, a total of 258 days duration. On September 6, the refining segment held a groundbreaking scheduling, officially opened the prelude to the plant starts. 23 days after the start command, operating in four districts, transportation security group, project team, design departments of unity and cooperation, day and night, and the S-Zorb unit on 27 September 14  58 Inlet. September 28, at 9:00 and 12:00, respectively two sampling and analysis results show that qualified products, the sulfur content of less than 2.0PPM.

S-Zorb unit started by the great concern.
September 26, senior adviser to the group companies Genyuan made ​​a special trip to the refining segment of 1.2 million tons / year S-Zorb unit to guide the work started on-site care about. Genyuan learn more about the progress of the plant operating, fully endorsed the project construction, start the process of the work done and the results achieved, requiring the company to height starting from safeguarding the overall interests of Sinopec, under the premise of ensuring safety, steady progress various drive the process, started a successful the scheduled output quality refined oil, and make due contributions to improve urban air quality.

The Division leadership of several in-depth start the scene, concerned with fighting the start of first-line cadres and workers. Stressed the need to use "Security 5 minutes" to do their work, strict implementation of rules and regulations do the site HSE observe the implementation of the card to ensure that the science of the device, orderly manner every start link, stressed must Safety first, and throughout the whole process started and production, to ensure that the device started a successful.

S-Zorb plant operating headquarters adhere held in the morning, start scheduling daily at 20:00 and then convened started professional backbone brief meeting, summarize and analyze the day to complete the work and the need to pay attention to the problem, and to study the implementation should be done the next day the work, always start the progress and the nodes and steadily push forward. Transportation security group, the project team and design department and other departments and work area devices work together, and the discovery of the problem, not passing the buck, do not slack off, but common to think of ways to coordinate and solve the various problems encountered in the start process. It is understood that the Division physicochemical Room S-Zorb process piping material usage compliance requirements for the inspection uncovered a total of 45 questions, and timely rectification. "Four" three investigations identified 611 questions, 85 questions raised by the SEI (China Petrochemical Engineering Construction Company), the device proposed 41 questions are all rectification is completed, progress node Tazhun started to play an important role.
From November 1 this year, the new car will advance the implementation of the "national IV standard, standard automotive gasoline and diesel will also be the current" National II direct transition to the "national IV, piloted from October 1.

Company S-Zorb unit is put into operation a success, and to honor the commitment of Shanghai  month to 100,000 tons of new and cleaner low sulfur gasoline and diesel supply to Shanghai from October 1. Reduce vehicle exhaust air pollution, improve the quality of atmospheric environment has a very important significance.

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