Speech by President Felipe Calderón at the opening event of the reconfiguration of the refinery "General Lázaro Cárdenas.

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What a great satisfaction, and forgiveness can not speak with all the emotion I wanted, because I'm a little bad throat, but what a thrill, my friends, that finally this great Opening day of the reconfiguration of the Minatitlan refinery reached.

As we said Carlos Romero, is a great day in which we must congratulate all. Congratulate the oil, to congratulate the people of Veracruz, congratulate all as Mexicans because today we take a step enormous increase of production capacities of Petroleos Mexicanos, in particular, gasoline, diesel and, specifically, ultra low sulfur.

This is, no doubt, one of the largest investments made ​​by Petroleos Mexicanos in single complex in many, many years. They spent nearly 30 years to do a project. We are talking about, its amount, friends, an investment of over three thousand 500 million dollars, ie more than 42 billion pesos, which was built 12 new plants that make up this complex reconfiguration.

Practically, to put it bluntly, rather than reconfiguration, it is truly a new refinery to Petroleos Mexicanos. It's an investment that makes the Lazaro Cardenas refinery, the refinery in Minatitlan, the most Modern in Latin America, and at the same time being as we know, the oldest, too, in Latin America.

Since then, since that 1906 and particularly after the oil expropriation, the Oil has always been tied to the history of Mexico. It has been a strategic element for development. It allowed us to grow and fund education, health, infrastructure, use millions of Mexicans.

However, it must be said, we know. The lack of investment for many, deprived many years in the industry, made installations of great importance, as this large refinery
you were falling behind in technology and equipment, which gradually deteriorated their
operating conditions.

This in turn had an impact on our refining capacity, making it increasingly our country dependent on oil products from abroad, despite being a major oil producer.

In this situation, and as part of the most
ambitious infrastructure plan that the country has had long time, we launched during the previous administration, which had the honor of be Secretary of Energy and, of course, in this, which we launched the National Plan Infrastructure, and drive several key projects to transform the economy and, particular, to transform the national oil industry.

Why we have. Because we know the vital importance to Mexico Petroleos Mexico. This is because we believe in PEMEX, as a company of all. We have done because my Government believes that strengthening Pemex is to strengthen Mexico, and a PEMEX stronger also means a strong Mexico.

With this major reconfiguration practically insist that a new refinery, we have to edge to it, which is the oldest in Latin America. I want to say also that this project, which starts today finally had, as the Secretary Meade, countless vicissitudes and problems. He began, indeed, back in 2003-2004, in which performance, effectively, the Secretary. And I came to the Presidency of the Republic as stated by the Secretary Meade, the refinery, had already been a significant reconfiguration delay.

Many problems associated with the cost of inputs, various projects, the multiplicity companies finally participated. This was resulting in a delay, even danger, would endanger the viability of the project. Firm in determining that the reconfiguration of Minatitlan was key to the modernization Petroleos Mexicanos, never, never constantly working on the effort to go one by one through these obstacles and hardships until today, finally, this July 26, 2011, we realized the oil dream of many, many public servants and many Mexicans, operating and refinery, the new refinery in Minatitlan, Veracruz.

This project also represents an economic and a very important source of employment
for the whole area. Only in its construction created more than seven thousand direct jobs, with a spills that must have involved almost 20 000 jobs for the Southern Veracruz

This would have to add it to the nearly 500 additional permanent jobs to be
required in the operation of new facilities, more, perhaps, another 15 thousand indirect jobs, linked to various suppliers outside the state.

This will translate into a boost for families in the region and the state of Veracruz.
With the reconfiguration, friends, extended, almost doubling the production capacity
refined gasoline, diesel, Plant, Refinery Minatitlan. It passes more or less, 160 thousand barrels per day to a maximum that can reach 285 000 bpd. It also increases to double production of gasoline, moving from 45 000 to 93 000 barrels. Of these, much is Premium gasoline, which previously was not produced here, and all this helps to restore the balance of trade balance and reduce high oil import levels of petrol and diesel.

It is ironic that the Mexican oil producing, we have to import almost half of the
gasoline. This reconfiguration will help us, for example, if we suppose that the gas eventually new to be produced here, replace imports, we are talking about savings of over five billion dollars a year to finance PEMEX.

And not only increase production, friends, but also thanks to this plant, This refinery already has the most advanced technological additions, will make possible Also, products friendlier to the environment. What you mean. That contamination is, for example, in large cities, Mexico City, but and also in Guadalajara or Monterrey, is produced largely by the emission of pollutants, mainly used in cars and trucks.

Gasoline used to be produced and consumed was gasoline he had, as I recall, when study the project in 2004 that up to 500 parts per million. Today, from this reconfiguration, here in Minatitlan, will produce gasoline and diesel, not 500 parts per million, but 15 or less parts per million, which we will contribute to air clean and the health of millions of Mexicans.

Similarly, removing the sulfur diesel, the refinery also will get a product very important sulfur, which is also a valuable input for fertilizer production and, therefore support the Mexican countryside.

In short, my friends, this large investment of over three thousand 500 million dollars is
a good investment for PEMEX and Mexico. And with this great work, my Government reaffirms again that is committed to put the forefront of the national oil industry and Petróleos Mexicanos. We do this by bringing PEMEX unprecedented investment, investment PEMEX had not seen in many, many years, and I dare say, decades in which the recurrent economic crises, plain and simple, were making nugatory the possibility, Petroleos Mexicanos, to invest in its future.

This year alone, 2011, we allocate 286 billion pesos to the strengthening and modernization of PEMEX. How is this. It is, to put it shortly, is four times more investment for PEMEX that was reversed in 2000, exactly 11 years ago.

In addition, we advance with reforms to strengthen Petróleos Mexicanos, move in renewal; move to channel more and better projects in the exploration and production oil and natural gas.

Forward, in short, oil, PEMEX and Mexico to take up again the place we appropriate, as one of the most important global oil powers. Today, thanks to its commitment, the oil tankers, and because of decisions we have taken the Mexicans, we are reversing the worrying situation for PEMEX and Mexico. Inter alia factors, the dramatic decline that had our oil reserves.

For many years the oil and gas was much faster than the formation of reserves. For a permanent oil industry, to last for the future, what need, and friends. That for every barrel of oil to be sold the same day replace with another barrel of oil discovery. That is, a reserve replacement rate of one to one, 100 percent.

However, in 2000, the reserve replacement rate was only twenty percent; ie, for every barrel of oil discovered new reserves in the day had sold five barrels, which were rapidly declining domestic oil reserves, putting at risk not only the future of PEMEX, but the country Today, with investments that have been made, the modernization of PEMEX urge, we are ensuring the production of oil, not only for a few years, but for decades, because today, my friends, we are the rate of reserves replacement and total one hundred percent, and probably reach in the coming months, also one hundred percent Proved reserves for Petroleos Mexicanos.

The investment of 42 billion pesos, which today formally put into their hands, so that serve the Mexican and the Mexicans will have positive effects for all. Extend far beyond the boundaries of this refinery. Represents new jobs here, but also more and better jobs for thousands of companies working in the whole chain production linked to Petroleos Mexicanos.

It also represents, for the people of Minatitlan, which was greeted with affection, with love; also represents an opportunity to move forward with economic growth. Because what doubt, most people live Minatitlan precisely the activity of this great refinery.

No way, my friends, there is no better way to create jobs than investment. Only
investment can generate jobs. Public investment and private investment, domestic investment and overall investment. This investment is the only one who can give Mexico the economic growth and jobs we need.

Indeed, congratulations to all. I congratulate you, as our country's proud Mexican and proud our oil industry.

Congratulations to all of Mexico, all workers of PEMEX, all Veracruz, because we have reached this goal, because now start the reconfiguration of Minatitlan, this, which is practically a new refinery.

And to serve for many, many years, not only to produce more gasoline, more diesel, less pollutants, but also to be a vital support for the development and progress of all Mexicans.
Congratulations to all.

Congratulations, Thank you.

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