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Accident at the coking plant in Madero Refinery
At approximately 14:15 hours today a fire occurred in the drum of the coking plant at "Francisco I. Madero" Refinery. No fire or damage to facilities was raised.

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Accident at Saras Refinery
Saras is deeply saddened to inform you that yesterday evening a tragic event took place at the DEA3 unit of the Sarroch refinery. This unit was idle for scheduledmaintenance.

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Industrial Incident at Singapore Refinery
ExxonMobil deeply regrets that two of our workers were seriously injured in an incident at the Singapore Refinery’s Jurong site at around 7.30pm last night, 28 March.

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Accident at Haifa Refinery
Oil Refineries Ltd. (TASE: ORL.TA) (hereinafter “the Company,” “ORL”), Israel’s largest integrated refining and petrochemical group announced today that on November 23, 2010, during work conducted in one of the Company's facilities, which are under periodic maintenance, a work accident occurred in which a number of workers were harmed by gas inhalation. Three of them died as a result.

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