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Chevron Announces Sale of Interests in Chad and Cameroon
Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) today announced that its subsidiary, Chevron Global Energy Inc., has sold its 25 percent non-operated interest in a producing oil concession in southern Chad and the related export pipeline interests to the Republic of Chad for approximately $1.3 billion. The sale closed June 13.

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N'djamena refinery loads first batch of diesel for sale
On July 10, first batch of diesel from Chad's N'djamena Refinery was loaded for sale. Chadian Prime Minister Emmanuel Nadingar, Minister of Petroleum Tabé Eugène, and Chad national oil company SHT President Ahmat ACYL Kazal attended the loading ceremony at the refinery's sales center.

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Chad H block, Successful Crude Oil injection into oil pipeline to Feed New Refinery
Successful Crude Oil injection into oil pipeline to Feed New Refinery. Currently, the pipeline is operating normally.

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