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Start of gas production on the Izabela field in the Adriatic Sea
MOL Plc. is pleased to announce that INA-Industrija nafte, d.d. and Edison International S.p.A. started the production on the Izabela field in the northern part of Adriatic Sea upon agreeing on the final outstanding issues by which all the preconditions for the beginning of the gas exploitation have been fulfilled.

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Signed new contracts with INAgip for well services
CROSCO, Integrated drilling and Well Services Ltd. has been awarded two services contracts for INAgip d.o.o., offshore Croatia.

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Bechtel's ThruPlus® Coking Technology Selected for Croatian Refinery
Bechtel has signed a license agreement with INA Industrija Nafte, d.d. for the process design of a delayed coking unit complex at the Rijeka refinery in Urinj, Croatia. The new complex will use Bechtel’s ThruPlus® coking technology, a proprietary process for upgrading heavy oil into high-value, light hydrocarbon liquids.

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INAgip and CROSCO have signed three contracts
CROSCO, Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded three (3) contracts for INAgip (joint venture Company between INA and Italian Eni), offshore Croatia.

Two contracts are related to the wireline (slickline) service and the well testing service in support of exploration and development drilling campaign for CROSCO`s jackup drilling unit Labin in Northern Adriatic. Contracts are signed for period of 420 days.

The third contract is related to the wireline, slickline, well logging and well testing services in INAgip's gas production areas named NACA & ALCA, for period of 2 years.

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CROSCO signs oilfield services contract with PSP d.o.o.
CROSCO, Integrated Drilling and Well Services Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that the company signed the oilfield services contract with Podzemno skladište plina d.o.o. (PSP d.o.o.), on 26th of September 2012. The contract was signed from CROSCO`s side by Mr. Jerko Jelić-Balta, President and CEO and Mr. Péter Székely, Member of the Board. The contract shall be effective from the date of signing until 31st of December 2013. Oilfield services on PSP-Okoli wells are expected to commence in early October 2012.

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Declaration For Cooperation Between Gaz-System S.A. And The Croatian Gas Transmission System Operator Plinacro D.O.O.
GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. signed a declaration for cooperation with the Croatian gas transmission system operator Plinacro d.o.o. in the scope of support for the development of the gas market in Central and Eastern Europe.

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INA-Industrija nafte, d.d. - new oil discovery on the Privlaka field
Within the oil field Privlaka near Vinkovci INA has made a new oil discovery with exploratory well Đeletovci-1 Zapad. During drilling, at a depth at about 1000 meters test results indicate a significant production of oil. A more precise evaluation of the hydrocarbons reserve base and production is to be determined by further tests and field development. The latest tests show daily oil production of approximately 600 bbl. Given the results, it is expected that its daily production will greatly contribute to production increase on this area.

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OMV intends to sell its subsidiaries in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
In line with the OMV strategy, the sale of the retail and commercial business in Croatia (OMV Hrvatska d.o.o) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (OMV BH d.o.o) is under consideration. This would involve a total withdrawal from both markets.

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Sisak Refinery Fire
with regards to the fire which broke out yesterday morning in Sisak Refinery we would like to notify you of the following:

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Rijeka refinery modernization first phase completed
The facilities within the first phase of Rijeka Refinery modernization were put into operation on February 12 2011. The first phase of Rijeka Refinery modernization included three facilities within Hydrocracking complex and other supporting facilities and installations. The facilities are: Mild hydrocracking (MHC/HDS), Hydrogen generation unit and Desulphurization plant (Claus). Total investment into first phase of Rijeka Refinery modernization is close to EUR 400 million.

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