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First oil from Dua
Santos today announced that oil production has commenced from the Dua oil project, offshore Vietnam.

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El Dorado Refinery Expansion Project Completed
The El Dorado turnaround was completed in the first quarter of 2014. During the turnaround, the preflash tower project to increase light crude capability by 10,000 barrels per day was completed, along with the replacement of the fluid catalytic cracking reactor.

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Natural Gas Began to Flow from Tamar
Delek Group (TASE: DLEKG, OTCQX:DGRLY) ("the Company”) is pleased to announce that on March 31, 2013, each of the subsidiaries, Delek Drilling L.P. and Avner Oil Exploration L.P. (together "the Partnerships") published the following immediate report;

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Gazprom Marketing and Trading signs Heads of Agreements with Tamar upstream consortium
Gazprom Marketing & Trading Switzerland AG and Levant LNG Marketing Corporation executed the Heads of Agreement (HOA), outlining the main terms of an exclusive offtake arrangement from Tamar floating LNG project for a 20 year period. The aim of the future deal is to expand Gazprom's LNG marketing and trading portfolio.

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Rights in Cyprus
Delek Group (TASE: DLEKG, OTCQX: DGRLY) is pleased to announce that on February 11, 2013, each of the partnerships subsidiaries, Delek Drilling – L.P. and Avner Oil Exploration – L.P., signed the Production Sharing Contract which is originally dated October 24, 2008 (the "PSC"), granting exploration rights, appraisal, development and production of oil and/or gas in the territorial waters of the Republic of Cyprus, the area known as Block 12, and were granted search license rights – as per the PSC (the "License"). With the above mentioned signature, the transfer of 30% of Noble Energy International Ltd ("Noble Cyprus") rights to the Partnerships was completed, so the Partnerships are now part of the PSC and each one of them holds directly a 15% interest in the License .

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FLNG Pre-FEED Complete Successfully
Delek Group gas subsidiaries announced that the Pre-FEED stage of Tamar and Dalit floating liquefied natural gas project (FLNG) has now been successfully complete. Therefore, the Tamar partners decided to begin the second phase - FEED. LNG production is expected to be up to 3 MMTPA. In accordance to that, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. (DSME) signed an agreement with Levant LNG Marketing and Pangea LNG BV for the completion of the FEED stage. DSME will carry out the costs of FEED and Tamar partners will contribute a total amount of $15 million (100%). The agreement has been set for two years, or until the date of the final investment decision of the FLNG project, whichever is earlier.

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Delek US Holdings Provides Operational Update on Tyler & El Dorado Refineries
Delek US Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: DK), a diversified energy company with assets in the petroleum refining, marketing and retail industries, today provided an update on the status of operations at its El Dorado, Arkansas and Tyler, Texas refineries.

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Noble Energy Provides Update On Leviathan Deep
Noble Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NBL) today announced that the Leviathan deep well offshore Israel has reached a depth of approximately 21,400 feet, the deepest known penetration in the Levant Basin. High well pressure and the mechanical limits of the wellbore design resulted in the suspension of drilling operations before the primary objective was reached.

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Signature on Agreement to Finance the Partnerships Share in the Costs of Developing the Tamar Project
Delek Group (TASE: DLEKG, OTCQX: DGRLY) ("the Company") announced that the following reports were published by each of the Partnerships, Delek Drilling LP and Avner Oil Exploration LP, with regard to Tamar Project finance agreement;

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Tamar Signs Contract with Paz for approximately $700 million
Take-or-Pay agreement for the supply of natural gas over 15 years was signed by the Tamar Partners with Paz Ashdod Refinery Ltd. to supply up to a total approximate quantity of 3.12 BCM. In the agreement the gas price will be linked to electricity production rate as determined time to time by the Public Utility and Electricity Authority and includes a ''floor rate''. The supply is expected to start in mid-2013. The agreement is subject to a number of closing conditions. For more information please see the immediate reports as published on TASE.

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