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Kentz consortium awarded US$58m contract in Colombia by CB&I
Kentz Corporation Limited (LSE: KENZ), the holding company of the Kentz engineering and construction group, is pleased to announce the award of electrical and instrumentation installation works by CB&I for the Reficar Refinery Expansion Project in Cartagena, Colombia.

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Ecopetrol Announces Discovery in the Middle Magdalena
Ecopetrol SA nforma the discovery of crude oil in the Howler-1 exploration well, located in the department of Santander, 27 kilometers from the town of Sabana de Torres. This well is part of the Exploration and Production Agreement Playon, signed between Ecopetrol and the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) on April 24, 2008.

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Ecopetrol Selects Axens’ Hydrocracking and Coker Naphtha Hydrotreating Technologies
In order to enhance its processing capabilities of local heavy crudes while increasing clean fuels throughput, Ecopetrol has embarked into the modernization of its Barrancabermeja refinery (PMRB Project). The site is located in the Santander department of Colombia.

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Ecopetrol creates a subsidiary specialized in hydrocarbon transport and logistics
Ecopetrol S.A. announced today the incorporation of Cenit S.A.S., a wholly owned subsidiary company specialized in hydrocarbon transport and logistics in Colombia.

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ECOPETROL, Pacific Rubiales And Petrominerales Announce Closing Of COP$ 2.1 Billion Debt Facility For The Araguaney To Banadia P
ECOPETROL (BVC: ECOPETROL; NYSE: EC; TSX: ECP), Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. (TSX: PRE; BVC: PREC; BOVESPA: PREB) and Petrominerales (TSX: PMG; BVC: PMGC) are pleased to announce that Oleoducto Bicentenario S.A. (Bicentenario) has closed a debt facility for approximately US$1.2 billion, the equivalent of COP$2,100,000 million in Colombian Pesos. The loan has been provided by a syndicate of ten Colombian Banks. Bicentenario is a specialpurpose vehicle owned 55.97% by Ecopetrol S.A., 32.88 % by Pacific Rubiales Energy, 9.65% by Petrominerales, and the remainder owned by other E&P companies operating in Colombia.

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Ecopetrol discovers new hydrocarbon field in the Tisquirama Block
Ecopetrol announces the discovery of hydrocarbons in the Tisquirama Este-1 exploratory well, located in the municipality of San Martin, Cesar.

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Ecopetrol Reports Discovery on the United States Gulf Coast
Ecopetrol announces a hydrocarbon discovery in the Logan 1 well, located in the U.S Gulf Coast. Ecopetrol?s subsidiary Ecopetrol America Inc. has a 20% interest in the well.

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Ecopetrol completes five discoveries in Caño Sur
Ecopetrol informs that it proved hydrocarbon accumulation in the exploratory well Trasgo-1, in the western block of the Caño Sur exploration and exploitation contract.

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Foster Wheeler Gears up for Second Phase of the Barrancabermeja Refinery Modernization Project
Foster Wheeler (NASDAQ: FWLT) today announced that its Global Engineering and Construction Group has been released to perform the second phase scope for an existing contract with Ecopetrol S.A. for the Project for the Modernization of the Refinery in Barrancabermeja (PMRB) in Colombia. This release includes additional project management consultancy (PMC) and front end engineering design (FEED), detailed engineering for the crude unit revamps, assisting Ecopetrol in the selection process for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts, and control and supervision of the EPC and construction contractors.

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Green light for construction of modernization project at Barrancabermeja refinery
The Board of Directors of Ecopetrol at the session held on May 13, gave the green light to phase 3 of the Modernization Project of the Barrancabermeja Refinery (PMRB), for a total investment of US$3,386 million.

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