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The commercial activities of the Terminal; FSRU Toscana; has been started
The company OLT Offshore LNG Toscana communicates that the activity of commissioning of the Terminal “FSRU Toscana” has been successfully finalized on last December 19th. As anticipated, the company communicates also that on December 20th the plant started the commercial activities. At full capacity, the plant will have a regasification capacity of 3.75 billion cubic meters per year, about 4% of the national demand.

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Rosneft and E.ON Russia Sign Gas Supply Agreement
Rosneft and E.ON Russia have signed an agreement on the supply of 4.65 bcm of gas to Surgutskaya GRES-2, an E.ON Russia subsidiary, in the period 2013-2015.

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MFA urges the Italian side to reconsider gas terminal projects in the Northern Adriatic
Director-General Andraž Zidar submitted a copy of the letter on the planned gas terminal project in the Gulf of Trieste and the Trieste–Grado–Vilesse pipeline to Tommaso Coniglio, Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. The Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Roko Žarnić, addressed the letter to his Italian counterpart, Minister Prestigiacomo. The MFA expressed its surprise and deep dissatisfaction over the announcement by the Italian Minister of the Environment that a positive decision on the construction of the gas terminal and pipeline will be issued in the near future, and called on the Italian side to reconsider these projects.

The Slovenian side assesses that the Italian technical report is deficient since it does not deal fully with the issues of security and the prevention of major incidents, cross-border impacts on Slovenia and does not abide by the precautionary principle.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasises that all three projects (both gas terminals and a pipeline) impose a great environmental burden on the Northern Adriatic and calls on the Italian side to reconsider the projects with a view to identifying a more suitable construction site in the Adriatic area.

The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its deep dissatisfaction over the announcement of Italian Minister of the Environment Prestigiacomo for several reasons. In its expert study forwarded to the Italian side, the Republic of Slovenia voiced numerous grave doubts about the projects: the discharge of mercury piled on the Northern Adriatic seabed would cause marine pollution; the gas terminal construction would threaten maritime fishing activities and pose danger to the health of the local population; the gas terminal construction would disrupt the transport system in the Northern Adriatic with possible negative impacts on tourism in the region.

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