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BP, SOCAR, Total and Fluxys join the TAP project
The Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) today announced that BP, SOCAR and Total - members of the international consortium developing the giant Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan - have exercised their option to join the Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG.

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Major interest in loading small ships at Zeebrugge LNG terminal
New terminal users have booked capacity at the Zeebrugge liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal to load more than 200 small ships. This is a new step for the terminal in its development into a hub for supplying LNG as a ship fuel.

Last month Fluxys LNG gave potential customers the option to book long-term capacity at the second jetty currently under construction at the LNG terminal in Zeebrugge. The move was a success, with interest shown in more than 200 loading slots for small LNG ships while at this time there are just a couple of these ships in circulation. This also marks the first time in Northwest Europe that long-term contracts have been concluded for loading LNG ships at a regasification terminal such as in Zeebrugge.

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2nd capacity enhancement Zeebrugge LNG Terminal: launch binding phase of market consultation
Fluxys LNG has launched today the binding phase of its market consultation to assess the level of demand for additional capacity at the Zeebrugge LNG terminal. Considering the growing importance of LNG in Europe’s security of supply, this is a highly attractive opportunity for LNG companies to secure long-term capacity for a variety of services with an experienced capacity provider at a key strategic location providing optimum destination flexibility throughout Europe.

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