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Rosneft Acquires 16.67% Share in PCK Raffinerie GmbH
Total and Rosneft signed a Term Sheet that envisages the main terms and conditions of the purchase of 16.67% share in a refinery located in Schwedt, Germany (PCK Raffinerie GmbH). The document was signed in Sochi by the Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin and Chief Executive Officer of Total Patrick Pouyanne.

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Varo Energy completes acquisition of assets, including stake in Bayernoil refinery, from OMV
Varo Energy B.V. (Varo Energy) has completed the acquisition of shares currently held by OMV Deutschland GmbH (Vienna SE – OMV:AV) in Bayernoil Raffineriegesellschaft mbH, as well as certain downstream assets owned by OMV Deutschland GmbH.

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Linde and Nynas conclude hydrogen on-site contract
The technology company The Linde Group has signed a long-term contract with Nynas AB, one of the world leaders in the naphthenic specialty oils (NSP) and the bitumen business, for the on-site supply of hydrogen at Nynas’ refinery in Hamburg, Germany. To this end, the Linde Engineering Division will build a state-of-the-art steam methane reformer plant with total investments accounting to around EUR 30 million.

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Final Load Tests of Nord Stream started
Nord Stream AG started to conduct a load test on both lines of the Nord Stream under full load due to the completion of the NEL Pipeline in Germany. It connects the Nord Stream fully-integrated gas transportation system with the European gas infrastructure.

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European Commission approves acquisition of Shell's Harburg refinery assets by Nynas AB of Sweden
The European Commission has cleared under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed acquisition of certain refinery assets of Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH located in Hamburg/Harburg (Germany) by Nynas AB of Sweden. The Commission’s in-depth investigation showed that a closure of the Harburg refinery assets is the most likely scenario in the absence of the proposed transaction. This would significantly reduce the production capacity in the European Economic Area (EEA) market for naphthenic base and process oils, which are used in a variety of products (e.g. industrial rubber, adhesives, fertilisers), and for transformer oils ('TFO'), which are used to insulate power transformers. The closure would lead to higher prices for European consumers.

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Physical Reverse Flow in the Yamal Pipeline
On 21 November 2012, Gas Transmission Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and GASCADE Gastransport GmbH signed an agreement concerning the expansion of the Mallnow metering station with a view to enabling reverse flow service.

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Statoil and Wintershall sign major strategic gas supply agreement
Statoil and Wintershall have entered into a 10-year gas sales agreement for the delivery of a total of 45 billion cubic meters (bcm) to the German and other North-West European markets.

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Bomin Linde joint venture is planning its first liquefied natural gas terminal for ship fuelling in the Port of Hamburg
Starting point for the Bomin Linde LNG GmbH & Co. KG: The first project is the construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal intended to provide ships with the cleaner fuel in the P ort of Hamburg. This is based on the successful completion of a feasibility study conducted by the Hamburg Port Authority and Linde.

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Gunvor Starts Ingolstadt Refinery
Gunvor Group Ltd has commenced operations at the former Petroplus refinery in Ingolstadt, Germany, having completed the acquisition of the refinery assets and relevant marketing activities. All regulatory and merger control approvals have been obtained. The official closing date was on August 23, and the first crude vessel has already discharged to supply the refinery.

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EU Approves Gunvor Purchase Of German Petroplus Assets
The European Commission has approved regulatory clearance for Gunvor Group Ltd's acquisition of the assets of Petroplus' refinery in Ingolstadt and related German marketing activities. The clearance marks a key milestone for Gunvor in the closing process.

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