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Halliburton Partners with Fund Energy on Development of Project YAMAL
Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) announces that it has executed the first contract geological assessment of Karasevskoe and Yuzhno-Tanlovskoe oil, gas and condensate fields (Project YAMAL) in partnership with Fund Energy. Fund Energy acquired the rights for development of the two fields in public auctions held by the Russian Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency in 2012 and 2013.

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Halliburton Uses Clean-Burning U.S. Natural Gas to Power a Complete Hydraulic Fracturing Fleet
Halliburton (NYSE: HAL), Apache Corporation and Caterpillar have developed innovative dual-fuel technology capable of safely and efficiently powering the pumping equipment used for fracturing treatments with a mixture of natural gas and diesel. With 12 pumps (24,000 horsepower), this is one of the largest-scale dual-fuel projects ever conducted in the oil and gas industry.

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Pemex Leadership And Halliburton Technology Set New Paradigm For Development Of Chicontepec Basin
Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) technology and PEMEX leadership and experience have had extraordinary success in Mexico’s Chicontepec Basin. In this unconventional field, characterized as one of the most complex reservoirs in the world, the average well produces 40 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) with a maximum cumulative production of only 40,000 barrels of oil over its productive life (30 years). With integrated solution services from Halliburton and an innovative approach by PEMEX to implement field labs, new wells in the Chicontepec Basin are now yielding record-breaking results.

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Gazprom Neft selects contractor to test wells at Badra
Gazprom Neft has announced the results of the tender to select a contractor to test and complete eleven wells at theoil field in Badra, Iraq. The contract, worth around US$95 million, was awarded to U.S. oil field service group Halliburton .

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Halliburton and PETRONAS Carigali Collaborate for the Evaluation and Development of Shale Resources
Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) and PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PETRONAS Carigali) have signed a Framework Agreement for the evaluation and development of global shale resources. The signing ceremony was held on Feb. 9, 2012, at the KL Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

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Halliburton Responds to BP Motion for Sanctions
Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) responded today to court filings by BP saying: BP recently filed a motion for sanctions against Halliburton alleging that Halliburton destroyed evidence relating to post-incident testing of the foam cement slurry. BP has been aware of post-incident tests for some time, but has chosen this late date in the litigation to mischaracterize the results of such tests.

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Halliburton Files Macondo-Related Lawsuit Against BP
On September 1, 2011, Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) filed claims against BP in Texas state court for negligent misrepresentation, business disparagement and defamation related to the April 20, 2010, Macondo incident. Halliburton has also moved to amend its claims against BP in the multi-district litigation in New Orleans, Louisiana, to include fraud.

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Halliburton, Leader In Unconventional Resource Development In North America, Completes First Horizontal Shale Gas Well In Argent
Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) has successfully executed the first horizontal, multistage hydraulic fracture shale gas completion in Argentina’s Neuquén Basin for Apache. Halliburton provided all major well construction and completion services for the project, resulting in the successful delivery of South America’s first horizontal and deepest shale gas well.

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Halliburton Awarded Integrated Services Contract from Chevron for Shale Natural Gas Exploration in Poland
Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) announced today that it has been awarded a contract from Chevron for integrated services for shale natural gas exploration in Poland.

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Realm Energy and Halliburton Evaluate and Rank Shale Plays in Emerging Markets
In an effort to accelerate shale gas development, Realm Energy International Corporation (TSX-V:RLM) has contracted Halliburton’s (NYSE: HAL) Consulting and Project Management team to work with Realm Energy to significantly expand the technical evaluation and ranking of the highest-potential shale deposits found in emerging prospective basins globally.

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