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MOL Group and Transpetrol Completed the Reconstruction of the Friendship I/Adria Oil Pipeline
MOL Group and Transpetrol finished the reconstruction and capacity expansion of the Friendship I/Adria oil pipeline leg between Százhalombatta and Ipolyság in Slovakia. As a result of this strategic investment, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic will now be able to further diversify their energy supplies thus significantly improving regional energy security.

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MOL Plc has awarded Axens a contract for the revamping of its mild hydrocracking unit
The Hungarian company MOL Plc. has selected Axens to perform the revamping of its DMHCK unit (FCC feed hydrotreater and mild hydrocracking) of the Danube Refinery in Százhalombatta, Hungary. This revamping project consists in increasing VGO conversion and Diesel yield.

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AGRI LNG Project Company SRL has awarded Penspen the Feasibility Study
AGRI LNG Project Company SRL, the project company for the AGRI Project, and Oil and Gas engineering group Penspen Ltd have today announced the signing of the contract to undertake a Feasibility Study for the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania- Hungary Natural Gas Interconnector Project (“AGRI”) as a result of international tender conducted by AGRI LNG SRL.

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NIS and RAG start Exploratory Drilling in Hungary
NIS a.d and RAG Hungary Kft (Hungarian subsidiary of Austrian Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft) started to drill a test well (“RAG Pirto-1”) in south Hungarian “Kiskunhalas” Block, honoring the Agreement for joint exploration signed last year. The anticipated drilling depth is nearly 3 000 meters.

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NIS and RAG sign an agreement for joint exploration in the South of Hungary
NIS and Austrian Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft , via its Hungarian subsidiary RAG Hungary Kft (RAG), have entered into agreements to jointly explore and develop hydrocarbons in the Kiskunhalas exploration license area west of the city of Szeged in southern Hungary. The license held by RAG Hungary comprises an area of 2255 km2.

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AGRI Company announces Request for Proposals for preparation of feasibility study of Azerbaijan - Georgia - Romania - Hungary In
SC AGRI LNG PROJECT COMPANY SRL ("AGRI") announced the Request for Proposals related to the preparation of the feasibility study, the scope of which is to assess the technical, financial and economical viability of the energy cooperation project named Azerbaijan - Georgia - Romania - Hungary Interconnector.

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SLOVNAFT and the MOL Group intend to modernize the Adria pipeline, participation offer also to Transpetrol
SLOVNAFT and the MOL Group plan to invest into modernization of Adria crude oil pipeline. The investment could significantly increased capacity of the pipeline between Slovakia and Hungary and based on the initial estimates will cost around 80 million euro. For Slovakia this would mean the creation of alternative solution for the transportation of oil in sufficient quantity, without supplies from other pipelines. SLOVNAFT offered participation in the project to the state company Transpetrol as strategic partner.

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NIS begins work in Hungary
The Serbian company NIS, along with TXM Oil and Gas Exploration Kft. (TXM), a subsidiary of the Canadian firm Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd., have signed an Agreement of Intent according to which NIS acquires a stake in the development of hydrocarbon-saturated sandstone deposits located at a depth of 2500 – 3500 metres below the Hungarian village of Algyo. The license for the deposit, which covers an area of 995km2 in the Mako region of Hungary, is currently owned by Falcon.

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