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MJV Company Established to build new Duqm Refinery and Petrochemical Complex
Oman Oil Company (OOC) and International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi, have announced the formation of a joint venture company to own and manage the development of the planned refinery and petrochemical complex in Duqm. The company, Duqm Refinery and Petrochemical Industries LLC is owned 50/ 50 by OOC and IPIC.

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Total confirms the sale of its 48.83% interest in Spain’s CEPSA for €3.7 billion
In line with the agreement signed by Total and IPIC on February 15, 2011, Total has tendered its entire 48.83% interest in CEPSA following IPIC’s takeover bid for the company, at a price of €28 per share.

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Total Agrees to Sell its 48.83% Stake of Spanish Company CEPSA to IPIC and Initiates a Co-Operation with IPIC in Oil and Gas
Total and IPIC have signed an agreement whereby Total will sell its 48.83% share in the capital of CEPSA. This sale will take place pursuant to a public takeover bid over the entire share capital of CEPSA that IPIC has undertaken to file with the Spanish Securities Commission CNMV. IPIC will offer 28 Euros per share of CEPSA and a dividend of 0.50 Euro per share shall be paid to existing shareholders. Total has undertaken irrevocably to tender its shares into the offer and will receive an amount of approximately 3.7 billion Euros. The transaction is conditioned on obtaining all requisite government approvals.

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