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Fire at IRPC Refinery in Thailand
IRPC Public Company Limited (“the Company”) would like to inform you that there was a fire incident in a Vacuum Gas Oil Hydro Treating Unit (VGO/HT), which provides feedstock to crackers mainly for propylene production at the Company’s plant in Tumbon Choengoen, Rayong Province at 6.00 pm on 9 June 2014. Based on the preliminary investigation, this incident may have been caused by the leakage of hydrocarbon substance.

The Company has already managed to isolate the damaged unit from other units and contained the fire since 7.00 pm yesterday. At 8.20 pm on 9 June 2014, the fire was completely extinguished and no injuries have been reported in connection with the fire. With respect to the environmental impact of the fire, air quality monitoring mobile station has been promptly sent to investigate the air quality in the surrounding area. It has been reported that the air quality was not materially affected.

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Axens Technologies for IRPC Public Company Limited in Thailand
IRPC Public Company Limited, a company specialized in the production of Petrochemical and Refining products in Thailand, selected Axens to supply technologies for its new Upstream Project for Hygiene and Value Added Product (UHV project). The complex is due to come on stream in 2015. The project aims at converting atmospheric residue to high value propylene and aromatics rich gasoline cut.

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