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Irving Oil and TransCanada Announce Joint Venture to Develop New Saint John Marine Terminal
Following TransCanada’s announcement today to proceed with the development of the Energy East Pipeline that will transport western Canadian crude oil to Montreal, Quebec City and Saint John, Irving Oil and TransCanada announced they will form a joint venture to develop and construct the new Canaport Energy East Marine Terminal at Irving Canaport in Saint John.

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Irving Oil Announces Investment in Montreal’s Norcan Terminal
Irving Oil announced today that it has acquired an equity share in Norcan Petroleum Group owner of the Norcan Terminal in Montreal. Irving Oil will partner with La Coop fédérée and MacEwen Petroleum Inc. This investment in the terminal represents an additional secure supply point for Irving Oil customers.

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Irving Oil set to deliver natural gas in Nova Scotia
Irving Oil announced today that it will be making natural gas available for the first time to commercial customers in parts of Nova Scotia that currently do not have access to natural gas pipelines. The Nova Scotia Government’s recent announcement that the market for delivered natural gas will remain open and competitive means Irving Oil will begin servicing natural gas customers in the province.

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Irving Oil’s Refinery Surpasses Record Safety Performance
Irving Oil announced today that for the first time since the Irving Oil Refinery began operations in 1960, it has achieved 365 days without a lost time injury (LTI). This means Refinery employees surpassed 3.5 million workforce hours without a LTI, making the Refinery an industry leader in safety performance.

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Irving Oil Refinery begins $50 million turnaround
Over the next 12 weeks, 700 additional workers will perform scheduled maintenance on several processing units at the Saint John refinery. Work will be underway 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the project is completed.

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Irving Oil Successfully Commissions $100 million Benzene-Reduction Unit
Irving Oil is announcing its Dehexanizer Unit at the refinery is now operational. The unit is expected to reduce benzene content in gasoline produced by the refinery by 30 per cent. The $100 million Dehexanizer Unit will ensure compliance with new US EPA regulation requiring lower benzene in gasoline.

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