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Closing of the loan agreement to PDVSA
Marubeni Corporation, Itochu Corporation and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (herein after referred to as our “Parties”) finalized the agreement for loan facilities in the amount of US$ 750 million (loan period: 15 years) granted to Petróleo de Venezuela S.A. ("PDVSA"), with the support of Japan Bank of International Cooperation ("JBIC") and Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (“NEXI”).

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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) sales of Ichthys Project, Australia
INPEX CORPORATION (INPEX) is pleased to announce today that the Ichthys Project Joint Venture (*1) has a clear prospect of completing the sales of the entire 8.4 million tonnes per annum of LNG from the Ichthys Project.

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Chubu Electric and BG Group sign 21 year LNG sales and purchase agreement
Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. ("Chubu Electric") announced it had executed a fully termed LNG sales and purchase agreement with BG Group ("BG Group").

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Gazprom and Japanese consortium agree to look into potential LNG plant construction near Vladivostok
The Gazprom headquarters hosted a working meeting between Alexander Ananenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Company's Management Committee and Yoshio Matsukawa, President and CEO of Japan Far East Gas Co., Ltd (Japan).

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ExxonMobil Fuel Supply up 140 Percent into Area Devastated by Earthquake
In an ongoing effort to quickly and safely supply much needed fuel to the areas in Japan hardest hit by the earthquake, ExxonMobil Group Japan has increased fuel supply into its Tohoku region dealer service station network by 140 percent above pre-earthquake levels.

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ExxonMobil Opens Shiogama Terminal in Area Affected by Earthquake and Tsunami
ExxonMobil Japan Group has reopened its Shiogama Terminal, enabling delivery of increased fuel supplies into the Tohoku area of North East Japan, which was affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

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Nippon Oil Negishi refinery resumes operations
1. Status refinery operations 
 (A) Negishi refinery has resumed operations.

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Cosmo Oil supply system for petroleum products
We are currently directed to restore the affected areas as soon as possible, and make a priority supply of petroleum products to the affected area,

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Cosmo Oil Update on the Fire
Company will, but our best hope to resume as soon as possible in order that stopped refinery ship base, and is also limited at this time traffic conditions, has caused some trouble to the supply of petroleum products Masu that, like the continued thank you for your understanding.

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Nippon Oil, Impact of earthquake northeastern Taiheiyou
With regard to the subsidiary JX refinery fire in Sendai Nikko Nippon Oil Energy Corporation, the neighborhood, Other people, We apologize for any inconvenience and worry a great deal to everyone involved

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