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Jumbo installs North Sea FPSO mooring spread
This year saw Jumbo complete stage one in the first offshore installation contract undertaken as main contractor. Using the J-class vessel, Fairplayer, Jumbo successfully installed an FPSO mooring spread for client EnQuest in the North Sea Alma and Galia field. The second stage of the project will take place in 2014. This will see the EnQuest Producer, currently in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, hooked up to the mooring spread.

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Jumbo main installation contractor for EnQuest Producer
Jumbo has been awarded a FPSO mooring, installation and hook-up contract by EnQuest. EnQuest is redeveloping the Ardmore and Duncan fields as Alma and Galia respectively. The project scope is the mooring spread installation and FPSO tow out and hook up. This will be the first offshore project in which Jumbo acts as the main contractor instead of being the subcontractor.

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