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KBR and Its Joint Venture Partners (JKC JV) Sign Contract for EPC Activities for Ichthys LNG Project, Australia
KBR (NYSE:KBR) announced today that its joint venture with JGC Corporation and Chiyoda Corporation, the JKC JV, has signed the formal contract for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) activities on the Ichthys LNG Project in Northern Australia. The JKC JV partners signed this EPC contract, valued at US$15 billion, with the Ichthys LNG Project owners, INPEX and Total.

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Ichthys LNG Project Achieves FID and JGC/KBR/Chiyoda Joint Venture (JKC JV) Executes Letter of Award for Initial EPC Activities
KBR (NYSE:KBR), JGC Corporation (JGC) and Chiyoda Corporation (Chiyoda) jointly announced that INPEX CORPORATION and Total S.A. (the Ichthys Owners) have notified the joint venture formed by JGC, KBR and Chiyoda, the JKC JV, that the Final Investment Decision (FID) for the Ichthys LNG project has been achieved. As part of this notification, the Ichthys Owners have issued a notification of award to the JKC JV for the engineering, procurement and construction for Ichthys LNG Project. The Ichthys Owners and the JKC JV have executed a formal letter of award for the initial engineering, procurement and construction activities for the project. The completion and execution of the formal EPC Contract is expected in the coming weeks.

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KBR Awarded Major Engineering Design Contract by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Limited for the BP Quad 204 Project
KBR (NYSE:KBR) today announced that it has received a letter of award from Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Limited to perform engineering design and procurement support services for the BP Quad 204 Floating Production Storage and Offload (FPSO) Project to be located west of Shetland Isles in UK waters.

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KBR Executes Engineering Study for BP Hod Re-Development Project
KBR (NYSE:KBR) today announced that it was awarded a contract by BP NORGE AS (BP) to execute pre-front-end engineering and design (pre-FEED) engineering studies for the Hod Re-Development (HRD) Project, operating on behalf of BP and HESS NORGE AS.

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KBR Awarded Pre-FEED Contract by Anadarko for Liquefaction Plant in Mozambique, Africa
KBR (NYSE: KBR) today announced it was awarded a contract by Anadarko Mozambique Area 1, Ltd., to perform a pre-front-end-engineering and design (pre-FEED) study for a prospective Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant in Mozambique, Africa.

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Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd. and KBR Announce Intent to Create a Joint-Venture Company
Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd (Yanchang Petroleum Group) and KBR, Inc. today announced they have signed an agreement to create a Joint-Venture company in the People's Republic of China. The purpose of the Joint-Venture will be to market, sell, deliver and support Veba Combi Cracker (VCC) technology, under KBR's collaboration agreement for the technology with BP.

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Shell Global Solutions and KBR Announce Hydroprocessing Technology Alliance Agreement
KBR (NYSE: KBR) and Shell Global Solutions International B.V. (NYSE: RDS.A) today announced the formation of a new alliance in which KBR will market, sell and provide technology and design packages with Shell Global Solutions on hydroprocessing solutions worldwide.

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KBR Awarded Engineering Design Services Contract for Australian Coal Seam Gas Pipelines
KBR (NYSE:KBR) today announced that it has been selected to execute engineering design services for three coal seam gas (CSG) pipelines designed to carry CSG from gasfields in central Queensland, Australia to an export facility on Curtis Island. The project will be executed for the McConnell Dowell/CCC joint venture (MCJV) on behalf of clients Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) and Asia Pacific LNG (APLNG).

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KBR to Execute Construction for Motiva Port Arthur Refinery Expansion Project
KBR (NYSE: KBR) today announced that its subsidiary Roberts & Schaefer (R&S) has been selected to construct a petroleum coker (pet coke) material handling system for Motiva Enterprises LLC's (Motiva) Port Arthur Refinery Expansion Project in Port Arthur, Texas. The contract is part of a larger effort by Motiva to expand the Port Arthur Refinery. The expansion is expected to increase current capacity to 600,000 barrels per day in 2012, making it the largest refinery in the U.S. and one of the top 10 in the world.

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KBR Awarded Detailed Engineering for South Arne Phase 3 Project by Dragados Offshore S.A.
KBR (NYSE: KBR) announced today that it has been named as subcontractor by Dragados Offshore, S.A. (Dragados) for the detailed engineering work on the South Arne Phase 3 Project, an expansion of the existing South Arne field located offshore in the Danish sector of the North Sea.

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