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Excelerate Energy and Petrobangla in Agreement for Long-Term FSRU Charter and Construction of LNG Import Facility
Excelerate Energy and Petrobangla have reached agreement on terms for the development and operation of Bangladesh’s first LNG import terminal. The agreement includes the provision of one of Excelerate’s existing floating storage and regasification units (FSRU) under a 15-year long-term charter, as well as the design and construction of the facility. Located offshore near Moheshkhali Island in the Bay of Bengal, the terminal will provide much needed natural gas to the southeastern Chittagong region of Bangladesh.

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CH•IV International Awarded Contract To Provide Consulting Services To Bangladesh LNG Project
Jeffrey P. Beale, President of CH·IV International (CH·IV), is pleased to announce that CH·IV International, in association with the Galway Group LP, will provide support to Bangladesh’s state-owned Petrobangla in acquiring firm LNG supply and design and construction of the country’s first LNG import terminal. Chief of the Bangladesh LNG Cell Md Muqtadir Ali said, “The company (CH·IV) was selected on the basis of its experience in negotiating LNG supply agreements, pricing, LNG shipping and development of LNG import terminals.” Mr. Muqtadir, who previously served as the acting chairman of Petrobangla, added “We have already issued a letter of intent to award the contract to the U.S firm.”

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