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Motiva Integrates Refineries to Create Louisiana Refining System
Motiva Enterprises LLC (Motiva) announced plans today to integrate the company’s two Louisiana refineries – Norco and Convent – creating the Louisiana Refining System. This multi-phased project creates significant operational opportunities including increasing access to advantaged light oil, optimizing inter-plant intermediates and conversion units, increasing distillates yield and reducing operating costs.

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Tesoro Corporation Begins Restart of Martinez Refinery and Updates First Quarter Guidance
Tesoro Corporation (NYSE:TSO) today announced that the Martinez, California refinery has begun the restart process.

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Rosneft Samara-based Refineries Crossed Over to Euro 5 Standard Gas Production
Rosneft’s oil refineries in Samara Region – the Kyubyshevsky, Novokyubyshevsky and Syzransky facilities – have completed their upgrading to produce Euro 5 gasoline products that comply with the technical guidelines of the Customs Union.

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Contract for Viva Energy's Geelong refinery
WorleyParsons is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the contract to provide project management and engineering services at Viva Energy Australia’s Geelong refinery in Victoria, Australia.

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Catreforming and Isomerization units commissioned at Novokuibyshevsk Refinery
Novokuibyshevsk Refinery, a Rosneft subsidiary, commissioned two key facilities - the continuous catreforming (CCR) and the low-temperature isomerization complex as part of the large-scale investment modernization program.

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Rostec won the tender for construction of the first Uganda refinery
RT Global Resources, a Rostec subsidiary, won the tender for construction a refinery in Uganda. The Rostec win in this tender was the first achievement of this kind for a Russian company in Africa in new history of Russia. Total investments amount to above 3 billion dollars. Implementation of this project will generate additional demand for high-tech Russian equipment (either «within the scope of this project we will see the transfer of Russian technologies).

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Tesoro Corporation Board of Directors Approves Two Projects at the Anacortes Refinery
Tesoro Corporation (NYSE:TSO) today announced that its Board of Directors has approved two complementary projects to enhance clean products production at its Anacortes, Washington refinery. These projects include a $90 million naphtha isomerization project, which is designed to comply with upcoming reduced-sulfur gasoline regulations while simultaneously reducing gasoline production costs, and the previously announced $300 million mixed xylenes project, which upgrades and diversifies the value of the facility's product slate.

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Roger Brown starts as CEO of Varo Energy – Group announces CHF 50 million investment in Cressier Refinery
Varo Energy, a growing oil refining and distribution company in North West Europe, today announced that Roger Brown has taken up his new role as the company’s CEO. He is based in Zug, Switzerland. Previously CEO of Klesch Petroleum, he also brings 25 years of experience in senior roles at BP.

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Husky Energy Updates Lima Refinery Incident
Following a recent incident at the Lima, Ohio refinery, Husky Energy (TSX: HSE) advises the following:

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Tamoil SA is considering the suspension of its refining operations in Collombey
In recent years, the Swiss refining market, as the European refining industry, suffered severe market pressure due to increasing imports of refined petroleum products, the rapid decline demand for fuel and increased costs of regulation, leading Collombey refinery and Tamoil SA to record significant losses during this period.

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