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Rumaila Exceeds 10% Improved Production Target
The Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO) has met a major milestone in the re-development of the super-giant field in Southern Iraq by increasing production by more than 10 per cent above the 1.066 million barrels a day (b/d) initial production rate agreed in December 2009.

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October is Busiest Month Yet for Rumaila Operations
October saw the highest levels of activity on the Rumaila oilfield in southern Iraq since the Technical Service Agreement was signed in 2009 and BP was appointed Lead Contractor. Activity has focused on improving oil production from existing wells, bringing new wells on stream and ensuring flowlines and other field infrastructure is tied-in to support increased production.
In October, a total of 20 drilling rigs were working on the field, including those operated under new contracts by Daqing, Weatherford and a consortium of Schlumberger and IDC. Seven of these were drilling into the main pay of the reservoir and 13 were workover rigs, installing electrical submersible pumps (ESPs).

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