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MOL Group and Transpetrol Completed the Reconstruction of the Friendship I/Adria Oil Pipeline
MOL Group and Transpetrol finished the reconstruction and capacity expansion of the Friendship I/Adria oil pipeline leg between Százhalombatta and Ipolyság in Slovakia. As a result of this strategic investment, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic will now be able to further diversify their energy supplies thus significantly improving regional energy security.

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MOL Group and eni Group agreed on the sale of eni subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, including 208 servic
MOL Plc. hereby informs the capital markets participants that as of today MOL signed a set of agreements with eni relating to the acquisition of three eni subsidiaries including primarily their 208 Agip branded service stations and wholesale activities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. MOL has also signed an agreement to purchase eni’s stake in Ceska Rafinerska, which is however has to be offered first to Unipetrol based on its pre-emption right.

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Gazprom and Slovakia celebrate anniversaries of cooperation in energy sector
Bratislava celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Druzhba oil pipeline commissioning, the 45th anniversary of the first export supplies of blue fuel from the former USSR to the then Czechoslovakia and the 40th anniversary of the Eustream transit gas pipeline system.

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SLOVNAFT and the MOL Group intend to modernize the Adria pipeline, participation offer also to Transpetrol
SLOVNAFT and the MOL Group plan to invest into modernization of Adria crude oil pipeline. The investment could significantly increased capacity of the pipeline between Slovakia and Hungary and based on the initial estimates will cost around 80 million euro. For Slovakia this would mean the creation of alternative solution for the transportation of oil in sufficient quantity, without supplies from other pipelines. SLOVNAFT offered participation in the project to the state company Transpetrol as strategic partner.

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