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SKSOL begins the construction of its lubricants plant in Cartagena
Repsol and the Korean company SKL laid the first stone of SKSOL's next generation lubricants plant, a joint venture in which both firms have holdings. The plant, located in Cartagena, will entail investment of over 250 million euros and will be operational in 2014.

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Petronor Refinery Closes FCC unit and 2nd CDU
Petronor reports that, given the drastic decline in margins in the last three months and the fall in demand that has been occurring throughout the year 2011, it has been forced to adopt a measure so far unprecedented in the history of company and is stopping the FCC unit, which will remain out of service for the entire month of January. Moreover, as occurred between September 2009 and May 2010, the refinery will stop CDU 2, which is to be inactive for at least two months.

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Repsol's A Coruña Refinery is the first in the world to be awarded the ISO 50001 for Energy Management
Repsol's A Coruña Refinery was once again recognised for its work in Energy Management with the awarding of the ISO 50001 certificate, making it the first in the world to receive this certification. The Complex in A Coruña was already certified last May in accordance with European standard EN-16001, making it one of the first European refineries (and the first for Repsol) to achieve that recognition.

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Total confirms the sale of its 48.83% interest in Spain’s CEPSA for €3.7 billion
In line with the agreement signed by Total and IPIC on February 15, 2011, Total has tendered its entire 48.83% interest in CEPSA following IPIC’s takeover bid for the company, at a price of €28 per share.

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Repsol refinery in A Coruña certifies its Energy Management System
Repsol has certified the Energy Management System in place at its A Coruña refinery under the UNE–EN16001 standard. This certification successfully rounds off the pilot project to implement an Energy Management System at the refinery, making it one of the first in Europe and Repsol’s first to receive this acknowledgement.

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Iberdrola Agrees Long-Term Gas Supply Deal With BP In Spain Starting 2012
Iberdrola Agrees Long-Term Gas Supply Deal With BP In Spain Starting 2012

  • It will deliver 0.5 bcm/year at regasification terminals in Spain for the next 10 years
  • The Company, which last year signed a similar contract with Dong of Denmark, thereby expands its gas supply options
  • IBERDROLA has long-term gas supply contracts with companies including ENI of Italy, Sonatrach of Algeria, Nigeria LNG and Statoil of Norway
  • IBERDROLA has signed a contract with BP whereby the Spanish company will supply 0.5 bcm (billion cubic metres) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Spain starting 2012.
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Fluor Wins National Engineering Excellence Award for Refinery Project in Spain
Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR) announced today that it was awarded the 2010 National Prize of Industrial Engineering by the Spanish National Society of Professional Industrial Engineers. Fluor received the award in the "Engineering Project" category for its contribution to the C-10 Refinery Expansion Project for Repsol Petróleo S.A. in Cartagena (Murcia), Spain.

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Total Agrees to Sell its 48.83% Stake of Spanish Company CEPSA to IPIC and Initiates a Co-Operation with IPIC in Oil and Gas
Total and IPIC have signed an agreement whereby Total will sell its 48.83% share in the capital of CEPSA. This sale will take place pursuant to a public takeover bid over the entire share capital of CEPSA that IPIC has undertaken to file with the Spanish Securities Commission CNMV. IPIC will offer 28 Euros per share of CEPSA and a dividend of 0.50 Euro per share shall be paid to existing shareholders. Total has undertaken irrevocably to tender its shares into the offer and will receive an amount of approximately 3.7 billion Euros. The transaction is conditioned on obtaining all requisite government approvals.

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Leni Gas & Oil unconventional gas opportunities in Spain
Leni Gas & Oil plc (LGO) the AIM listed international oil and gas production, development and exploration company, today announces it has signed a binding Non-Disclosure and non-binding Commercial Terms Agreement ("Agreement") setting out the potential terms of an agreement to cooperate with Sorgenia International B.V ("Sorgenia") and Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft ("RAG") to assess a potential joint venture for the exploitation of unconventional gas opportunities in Spain.

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