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Roger Brown starts as CEO of Varo Energy – Group announces CHF 50 million investment in Cressier Refinery
Varo Energy, a growing oil refining and distribution company in North West Europe, today announced that Roger Brown has taken up his new role as the company’s CEO. He is based in Zug, Switzerland. Previously CEO of Klesch Petroleum, he also brings 25 years of experience in senior roles at BP.

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Tamoil SA is considering the suspension of its refining operations in Collombey
In recent years, the Swiss refining market, as the European refining industry, suffered severe market pressure due to increasing imports of refined petroleum products, the rapid decline demand for fuel and increased costs of regulation, leading Collombey refinery and Tamoil SA to record significant losses during this period.

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The Vitol Group Confirms Safe Restart Of Refinery Operations In Cressier, Switzerland
The Vitol Group confirmed today that Varo Energy Holding S.A., a joint venture between the Vitol Group and AtlasInvest, safely accomplished the final phase of restarting its recently purchased refinery in Cressier, Switzerland. With a number of investments made following the acquisition, conditions are now met to fully resume refining and corresponding marketing operations with safety as the key priority, the Group confirmed.

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Signing ceremony for Change in Control procedure of Esso Switzerland assets by SOCAR takes place in Zurich, Switzerland
On June 29, the signing ceremony for the Change in Control procedure for purchase of ExxonMobil’s Esso Switzerland assets by SOCAR took place in Zurich, Switzerland.
SOCAR president Rovnag Abdullayev, head of SOCAR Investments Department Vagif Aliyev, as well as Peter Szanto and Dr. Annette Flormann-Pfaff on behalf of ExxonMobil Company participated at the ceremony. Thereby, the control over the assets of Esso Switzerland had been conveyed to SOCAR.

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Vitol and AtlasInvest enter into a definitive agreement with Petroplus for the purchase of the Cressier Refinery
The Vitol Group announced today that Varo Holding SA, a joint venture between the Vitol Group and AtlasInvest, have entered into a definitive agreement with a wholly owned subsidiary of Petroplus Holdings AG for the purchase of the assets of Petroplus Refining Cressier S.A. and the related Swiss marketing and logistics assets.

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Petroplus Provides Update Regarding Its Revolving Credit Facility and Operations of the Petit Couronne, Antwerp and Cressier Ref
Petroplus Holdings AG (SIX: PPHN) today announced that Petroplus held meetings with all lenders under the Revolving Credit Facility yesterday in Zurich. The discussions were open and constructive. Additional discussions between the lenders and the Company’s management will continue over the comings days in an effort to restore availability of credit facilities that ensure proper operations of its refineries.

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Eni sells its participations in Transitgas and TENP gas pipelines to Fluxys G
Eni and Fluxys G have signed purchase agreements involving the sale to Fluxys Europe of Eni's participations in the Transitgas (Switzerland) and TENP (Germany) gas pipelines.

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Petroplus Comments On Operations Of The Cressier Refinery
Petroplus Holdings AG (SIX: PPHN) today announced that it has started a safe shutdown of its Cressier refinery due to the labor strike at the port in Fos Sur Mer, France, which is disrupting the supply of crude to the refinery. The restart of the refinery is dependent on the outcome of the strike. Petroplus is taking steps to continue to supply oil products to its customers.

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