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BP and PTT sign LNG sale and purchase agreement
BP and PTT Public Limited Company (PTT) entered into a sales and purchase agreement for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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Fire at IRPC Refinery in Thailand
IRPC Public Company Limited (“the Company”) would like to inform you that there was a fire incident in a Vacuum Gas Oil Hydro Treating Unit (VGO/HT), which provides feedstock to crackers mainly for propylene production at the Company’s plant in Tumbon Choengoen, Rayong Province at 6.00 pm on 9 June 2014. Based on the preliminary investigation, this incident may have been caused by the leakage of hydrocarbon substance.

The Company has already managed to isolate the damaged unit from other units and contained the fire since 7.00 pm yesterday. At 8.20 pm on 9 June 2014, the fire was completely extinguished and no injuries have been reported in connection with the fire. With respect to the environmental impact of the fire, air quality monitoring mobile station has been promptly sent to investigate the air quality in the surrounding area. It has been reported that the air quality was not materially affected.

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Petrofac Extends Jasmine Venture Lease
Petrofac, the international oil and gas services provider, announces that Mubadala Petroleum Thailand, has taken up an option to extend its lease of Petrofac’s Jasmine Venture floating production, storage and offloading facility (FPSO) for up to four additional years. The FPSO is currently deployed on the Jasmine field in the Gulf of Thailand and Petrofac will continue to provide operations and maintenance services for the Jasmine Venture through its Offshore Projects & Operations business.

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Bualuang Field Update
Salamander Energy announces that due to a damaged production riser, production from the Bualuang oil field has been temporarily shut-in.

During bad weather conditions, the Rubicon Vantage FPSO drifted into the exclusion zone designed to protect the production infrastructure. The Vantage’s mooring chains then came into contact with, and damaged, the production riser resulting in a small amount of oil being observed on the surface.

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PTT – Qatargas sign 20-year LNG supply agreement
Mr. Pailin Chuchottaworn, PTT President & CEO, said PTT has signed an LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement with Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited (3) (Qatargas) spanning 20 years at an annual volume of 2 million tons, with the first LNG delivery date set for January 2015. This first long-term LNG contract for Thailand will supplement long-term national energy security, particularly as production from the Gulf of Thailand and imports from neighboring countries are inadequate, yet domestic gas demand keeps climbing constantly due to economic growth.

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Clough wins contract with Pearl Oil (Amata) Limited
Clough wins contract with Pearl Oil (Amata) Limited Engineering and project services company Clough Limited (ASX:CLO) today announced the award of a contract valued at approximately US$60M with Pearl Oil (Amata) Limited, a Mubadala Petroleum affiliate.
Clough wins contract with Pearl Oil (Amata) Limited
13 September 2012

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Declaration of the Fire Incident
The Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited ("the Company") would like to inform
the Fire Incident occurred at 7.20 AM on July 4, 2012, the equipment in Kerosene
Stripper in Crude Distillation Unit, was ignited. The situation is under control
with no reported injuries.

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GDF SUEZ concludes its first LNG sale in Thailand
On the 24th of June, GDF SUEZ delivered its first cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to PTT in Thailand. During the World Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, early June, GDF SUEZ has reached an agreement with PTT Public Company Limited, the national oil and gas company of Thailand, to supply PTT with 3 LNG cargoes in 2012.

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The Greater Bongkot South has started production at 320 MMSCFD
The Greater Bongkot South field reached the DCQ gas production at 320 MMSCFD adding total supply to 20% of Thailand natural gas demand.

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PTTEP completed construction and started test run of Greater Bongkot South
Mr. Anon Sirisaengtaksin (นายอนนต์ สิริแสงทักษิณ), the President and CEO of PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited or PTTEP has revealed that Greater Bongkot South field (GBS) is the major field in Bongkot Project, which already completed construction as plan. The test run of processing facility started in March. Currently, PTTEP delivers gas at the rate of 50 – 70 million cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) and condensate at the rate of 3,000 – 4,000 barrels per day (bpd). PTTEP expects the gas production rate will ramp up to 320 MMSCFD as the Daily Contractual Quantity (DCQ) and 9,000 bpd of condensate within the second quarter of this year.

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